An extra twist to the thrill of live blackjack!
Win rounds to collect points. Play on live Blackjack tables and gather points with any winning round. Get the Booster to climb up the leaderboard and win 1,000€
15/03/2019 – 15/04/2019
Rank Player Points Prize
1SPI***NIA2201,000 €
212***79217500 €
3Asu***36564300 €
4STR***97646100 €
5Kzu***92138100 €
6Dim***62614100 €
6Lal***nce14100 €
8ts***844100 €
8man***nox4100 €
10Ore***9112100 €

Terms and Game Rules

  1. The promotion period is from 15/04/2019 0:00 GTM to 24/04/2019 23:59 GTM.
  2. During the promotion period players will collect points with every winning round on the games of the promotion
  3. Eligible for pint collection are round with minimum bet amount one (1) euro and maximum one hundred euro
  4. The games eligible for point collection are all live casino blackjack with the exemption of Infinite Blackjack.
  5. Players will collect points as follows:
    • One (1) point for every winning round.
    • Five (5) points for every winning round which is achieved with a blackjack hand (card combination of ace and any ten pints card) excluding a hand of ace and jack.
    • Ten (10) points for every winning round which is achieved with a hand of ace and jack.
    • Twenty (20) points additional to the ones earned from winning rounds when three (3) winning rounds with a blackjack hand are achieved within one hour.
    At the end of the promotion period the top ten (10) players in terms of points collected in the context of the promotion will be rewarded. The prizes per points collected ranking position are as follows:
    • 1st €1,000
    • 2nd €500
    • 3rd €300
    • 4th to 10th €100
  6. Gameplay on any device applies - mobile, tablet and desktop.
  7. The board with the “point earning players” will be listed on the respective promotion web-page at winmansters website.
  8. All prizes will be awarded in the winners’ accounts by May 6th 2019.
  9. By participating you confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  10. Prize funds will be deposited to the winners account.
  11. Winners must be 18 years or older and only have one account open with winmasters, as per the general terms and conditions found on site. Should winmasters discover a player with multiple accounts all points and therefore winnings will become null and void. The next qualifying player will receive the prize in their stead.
  12. It is the players’ responsibility to ensure that it is legal for them to play at winmasters, in whichever jurisdiction they are gambling, and to take part in the Slot Master promotion.
  13. Players may be required to provide identification documents (KYC) to validate their identity. Failure to produce documents if requested may lead to forfeiture of the prize.
  14. winmasters reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time without prior notice and it is your responsibility to periodically check our website for changes and updates.
  15. The terms and conditions valid for this particular promotion are supplementary to the General Terms and Conditions issued by winmasters. Particularly, prize funds are subject to the general terms and conditions of article 3.9 and 3.19 regarding withdrawals.
  16. In the event of dispute, winmasters Management decisions are final.